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Being the stubborn person i am, i often make judgments of movies before i see them. SLC Punk was one of those movies. I thought it looked really lame. Heres the back of the box premise.

"It's 1985 and Stevo is that rare animal, a punk rocker in the Mormon stronghold of Salt Lake City, Utah. He just graduated from college with honors and now his life is a nutty roller coaster ride of rock shows, stealing cars, beating up rednecks and non stop partying with his buddy Heroin Bob and his girlfriend. but with the scene getting lame and Stevo going nowhere fast, he has to put his punk ideals to the test. With a choice between "no future" and Harvard Law School whats a go with blue hair supposed to do?"

But i gave it a chance, and im glad i did. Matthew Lillard is a pretty good actor, id like to see him in more. It's really good.. it makes you think.
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