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Being the stubborn person i am, i often make judgments of movies before i see them. SLC Punk was one of those movies. I thought it looked really lame. Heres the back of the box premise.

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But i gave it a chance, and im glad i did. Matthew Lillard is a pretty good actor, id like to see him in more. It's really good.. it makes you think.
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I'm number one.

I'm going to get this rolling. Return of the King. Yes, the zillion dollar gem that was just released. Before I start, I've read, and highly enjoyed the LotR series including The Hobbit. With that said; Jesus this movie was a drag. All LotR movies are to me. In order to please the nerds it's packed with information and story backing that isn't totally needed in the main plot. This shit is fine and dandy to people who appreciate it, but I'm sitting there trying not to bash my forehead into the seat in front of me. Don't get me wrong, it had it's perks. Such as the massive battle scene with the Orcish Hordes that they hyped up the whole time. But after that they hold your hand 'till the ending. Not that I have anything better to do with my life, but fuck, three and a half hours of extreme character development and scenery details? Read the fucking book.