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Loyal Cinema Followers

Loyal Cinema Followers

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Movies. This is my life, damn it and I know it's sad. I love movies, and I made this community for the rest of you Blog Bastards out there who feel the same. The premise? Anything you want, as long as it's related to movies. Movies you love and loath alike. Share your opinions. But remember, people don't all like the same stuff. So if you praise a movie and another user shits all over it in the comment link (myself included) don't get all pissy. We're here to discuss different tastes in movies, and arguing makes it more interesting. Want to put your favorite quotes from movies in entries? Feel free. Speak out often. If no one else wants to hear your interests, at least I will.

A few guidelines:

- Don't bitch if people swear, or casually use a racial/religious slur. You might find it hard to believe, but most people don't give a shit what race or religion or sexual preference you are when they jokingly mention the words "Nigger" "Jew" or "Gay."

- There's one type of movie I can't stand at all. Mention made for Lifetime movies.. and you'll be banned from this community. You're probably thinking "Like I give a shit if I'm banned." Yeah asshole, you probably don't. Neither do I. I have no space reserved in my heart for movies on the Man-Bashing channel, so screw you.

- If you don't like a persons movie that they praised, don't be a total dick about how you go about expressing your feelings of opposition. Stick to the reasons why you didn't like the movie, or what could have made it better. Try not to insult the person too much. Unless they're a total dolt. In which case, they might deserve it.

- Tell your friends, or be castrated by a coke bottle. And if you're a girl, don't point out my male generalized threat.
007, 2001: a space odyssey, a clockwork orange, airplane!, akira, american graffiti, american history x, animal house, anime, army of darkness, b-movies, back to the future, batman, beetle juice, billy jack, black sheep, blade runner, blow, blues brothers, bowling for columbine, bride of frankenstein, casabalanca, chasing amy, cinema, citizen kane, clerks, dawn of the dead, death race 2000, denis leary, die hard, dirty harry, dirty work, dogma, dr. strangelove, drop dead fred, easy rider, edward scissor hands, empire records, empire strikes back, escape from l.a., evil dead, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, flash gordon, from hell, full metal jacket, george carlin, ghost busters, ghost world, goldfinger, goodfellas, half baked, halloween, horror, independent films, indiana jones, jackass, jarassic park, jaws, johnny depp, kevin smith, kill bill, l.a. confidential, last man standing, lord of the rings, mall rats, money pit, monty python, movies, nosferatu, office space, predator, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, quick stop, rain man, reservoir dogs, rocky, rocky horror picture show, scarface, schindler's list, se7en, sleepy hollow, snatch, spinal tap, stanley kubrick, star wars (trilogy), steve buscemi, taxi driver, terminator 2, texas chainsaw massacre, the breakfast club, the cable guy, the crow, the fifth element, the fly, the godfather, the goonies, the nightmare before christmas, the sand lot, the shawshank redemption, the shining, the super, the wall, thx 1138, tim burton, tommy boy, traffic, tron, uhf, wayne's world, what's eating gilbert grape, wrongfully accused, yellow submarine